Baticompos is an industrial components company. After the Batimetal industrial group was converted into a subsidiary, it was acquired by the Cevital Group in 2007. With a long tradition in industrial construction, it has unparalleled expertise in manufacturing sandwich panels and visible components (false ceilings, corrugated sheets, moulded parts, etc.). It also manufactures other products such as Saharan cabins (for use as residential, office or health premises), drill camps, modular buildings, bungalows, cold-storage facilities and telecommunications shelters.

Baticompos is the leading sandwich panel manufacturer in Algeria. It is number one for manufacturing and selling this product and corrugated sheets.

Its factory, located in Beni Mansour, stretches across 62,454 m², with 18,410 m² of buildings. Its Saharan cabin manufacturing facility is located in the Zone des Parcs area of the Bouira region. Its representative offices are in Bouira and the Algiers suburb of Dar El Beïda.

Key figures:

  • One sandwich panel manufacturing site


BP 75 Béni-Mançour
06261 Béjaïa - Algeria


Phone: +213 (0) 34315173/74/76/77

Fax: +213 (0) 34315169